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Best Funko Pop Music Figures to Collect

Jun 05, 2024

best funko pop music figures to collect

Collecting Funko Pop figures has become a beloved hobby for fans around the world, and music enthusiasts are no exception. These miniature vinyl figures capture the essence of iconic music artists, making them a must-have for any collection. With their distinctive designs and attention to detail, Funko Pop figures celebrate the legends of the music industry uniquely and playfully.

Factors to Consider When Collecting Music Funko Pops

Popularity and Rarity

When collecting music Funko Pops, popularity and rarity are crucial. Some figures, like those from iconic bands such as Metallica and Motley Crue, tend to be more sought-after. The demand for these figures often spikes due to media releases and anniversaries.

It's essential to monitor the market and be aware of which figures are trending. High-demand figures might see their prices surge rapidly. Conversely, less popular figures may not appreciate in value as quickly.

Market Trends in Music Figures

The market for music Funko Pops fluctuates frequently. Trends can shift based on new album releases, tours, or special events. For instance, Metallica's continuous popularity ensures their Funko Pops remain in demand. Collectors should stay informed about upcoming releases and market movements. Being active in forums and social media groups dedicated to Funko Pop trading can provide valuable insights.

Understanding market trends also involves recognising the ebb and flow of prices. Certain figures might be overpriced during a hype period and could decrease in value once the excitement wanes. Timing your purchases can save money and secure valuable additions at reasonable prices.

Condition and Packaging

The condition and packaging of Funko Pops significantly influence their value. Mint condition figures, particularly those in their original packaging, fetch higher prices. Collectors should always inspect boxes for dents, scratches, or discolouration. Even minor imperfections can substantially reduce a figure's value.

Additionally, consider using protective cases for your more valuable Pops to prevent damage. Keeping them away from direct sunlight and in a controlled environment helps maintain their condition. Collectors often advise against removing figures from their packaging if they aim to preserve maximum value.

Guns N' Roses Funko Pop! Rocks

One of the absolute favourites are the Guns N' Roses Funko Pop! Rocks figures, which capture the spirit of the iconic rock band. These figures are highly sought-after by both music fans and collectors, offering a miniature tribute to the band's legendary status.

Why Collect Guns N' Roses Funko Pops?

First, these figures feature intricate designs that reflect each band member's unique style. For instance, the Axl Rose figure stands out with his signature bandana and aviator sunglasses, capturing his rock persona perfectly. Collectors keen on detailed craftsmanship will appreciate the attention to detail in these figures.

funko pop guns n roses

AC/DC Funko Album Cover

Next up on the list is the captivating AC/DC Funko Album Cover figures. These particular figures are cherished not just by Funko enthusiasts but by rock music lovers who want to display their allegiance to one of rock's greatest bands.

Why Collect AC/DC Funko Album Cover Figures?

The AC/DC Funko Album Cover figures possess a unique charm. Unlike standard Funko figures, these come packaged in a protective case with the iconic album art in the background. This setup not only makes for a stunning display piece but also adds an extra layer of collectability. For those who adore AC/DC's music, owning these figures is almost like holding a piece of rock history.

Key Features

  1. Detailed Sculpting: The band members' Funko Pops are meticulously crafted, capturing their signature looks.

  2. Protective Case: The figures are stored in durable cases that feature album artwork, helping to preserve their condition.

  3. Perfect for Display: Given the unique casing and album cover backdrop, these figures become immediate conversation starters.

funko pop ac/dc album cover

Kiss Funko Pop! Rocks Vinyl

KISS, an iconic name in rock history, shares the same legendary status in the Funko Pop! Rocks Vinyl collection. Each member of the band’s classic lineup - Starchild, The Demon, The Spaceman, and The Catman - has been immortalised in vinyl form, reflecting their stage personas with remarkable detail.

The Band Members

  1. Starchild
    Representing Paul Stanley, Starchild’s figure captures his signature star-painted eye and flamboyant attire.

  2. The Demon
    Gene Simmons’ alter ego, The Demon, stands out with its fearsome look. The figure includes details like the dragon boots and axe bass guitar, synonymous with Simmons' stage antics. For fans of Simmons' fire-breathing performances, this figure is a true gem.

  3. The Spaceman
    Representing Ace Frehley, The Spaceman's figure showcases his cosmic-inspired makeup and futuristic costume. The attention to detail ensures fans can appreciate every nuance of Frehley’s iconic look. It’s a stellar addition to any KISS Funko lineup.

  4. The Catman
    Peter Criss’ persona, The Catman, comes with his drumsticks and feline makeup. This unique figure appeals especially to drumming enthusiasts and Criss fans. The Funko Pop! even includes details of The Catman’s whiskered makeup, making it a standout piece.

funko pop music kiss

Queen and Freddie Mercury Funko Pop! Rocks

Freddie Mercury and the band Queen have become real popular in the Funko Pop! community, there have been many figures created of this iconic band and many of Freddie Mercury's famous outfits and moments.

Freddie Mercury's various Funko Pop! figures display him in some of his most famous outfits. From his white and black harlequin jumpsuit worn during the 1977 tour to his classic yellow jacket and white trousers from the 1986 Wembley concert, each figure is a tribute to his dynamic stage presence.

Funko has also immortalized other Queen band members – Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon in a pack of the full group.

funko pop queen


Prince's Funko Pop! figures hold a special place in any collector's heart. These vibrant vinyl figures capture his unique style and musical legacy, making them irresistible for fans and collectors alike. With detailed designs and iconic looks, Prince's figures are a tribute to his unforgettable persona and musical genius. Some of the most notable Funko Pop! is Prince in Purple Rain, Glitter Purple Rain, Around the World in a Day (where you will find him in a psychedelic outfit) and Third Eye Girl where Prince is showcased with his third-eye glasses.

funko pop prince


Run DMC Funko Pop figures stand out among music-themed collectables due to their significant impact on the hip-hop world. For those unfamiliar, Run DMC emerged in the 1980s and transformed the music industry with their innovative sound and style. These Funko Pop figures encapsulate that essence, making them a must-have for collectors.

The Figures

The Run DMC Funko Pop collection features three key figures:

  • 09 Run

  • 10 DMC

  • 11 Jam Master Jay

Each figure is meticulously crafted to represent the iconic trio. For instance, the "Run" figure sports the group's signature Adidas tracksuit and hat, capturing the essence of the 80s streetwear style. Similarly, the "DMC" figure includes the classic black rimmed glasses and an Adidas logo, ensuring an authentic look. Meanwhile, the "Jam Master Jay" figure embodies the DJ's distinctive style with a turntable accessory.

funko pop run dmc

Liam Gallagher - Oasis

Liam Gallagher's Funko Pop figures reflect his stature in music history. His role in Oasis, with hits like "Wonderwall" and "Don't Look Back in Anger", and his influence on the Britpop movement make him a compelling addition to any collection focused on iconic music figures. Whether displayed with other rock legends or as a standalone piece, the figure serves as a cultural touchstone.

The Liam Gallagher Funko Pop design stands out for its meticulous detail, capturing his signature look. Dressed in a parka, with round sunglasses, the figure perfectly mirrors his rebellious style. The vinyl figure showcases his distinctive mop haircut, making it easily recognisable even from afar.

funko pop liam gallagher