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Best Pokemon TCG Sets to Buy When Getting Started

May 24, 2024

Best Pokemon TCG Sets to Buy When Getting Started

If you're a newbie looking to start your journey in the Pokemon trading card game, you're probably wondering where to begin. With a plethora of starter decks available, each offering a unique experience, it can become a daunting task to choose. But don't worry, this article is here to guide you through the maze of choices, helping you pick the perfect deck to kickstart your Pokemon TCG adventure.

Understanding Pokemon TCG: A Beginner’s Guide

From the onset, each player enters the battlefield equipped with a 60-card deck. It's crucial to remember that, even in their pursuit of variety, a player can include no more than 4 copies of a single card, excluding basic Energy cards.

The game begins with each player shuffling their deck and drawing their 7-card starting hand. Then, they select a Basic Pokemon card from their freshly drawn hand, placing it face-down as their Active Pokemon. Though it may vary in every game, the fundamental objective remains constant - reducing the HP of every opponent's Pokemon to zero. Alternatively, a savvy player can also target to pick all 6 of their Prize cards before the opponent does, indicating a victory in the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

While amassing a collection of Pokemon TCG, three primary types of cards will appear, each bearing its unique function and value.

The essence of play relies on Pokemon Cards, representing individual Pokemon characters. These cards form the backbone of gameplay and exhibit essential information such as the Pokemon's Hit Points (HP), their attacks, weaknesses, and evolution details.

Next, Trainer Cards provide the necessary support during games. They perform a multitude of functions; some assist in drawing extra cards, while others facilitate healing Pokemon or wielding unique abilities, rendering them a critical asset. Item cards, Supporter cards, and Stadium cards are prime examples of Trainer Cards.

Last but far from least, Energy Cards power your Pokemon's attacks. They come in diverse types like Fire, Water, Grass, and so on, each corresponding to different Pokemon types. Therefore, matching the right energy cards with their compatible Pokemon types is key to launching effective attacks.

Getting Started with physical Cards

Entering the exciting world of Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), physical cards act as paramount components for beginners. Consisting of product types like booster packs, theme decks, elite trainer boxes, and collections/tins, each brings a unique array of cards to build or enhance a collection. With booster packs, for instance, they offer a random assortment of Pokémon, Trainer, and Energy cards.

A common entry point in Pokémon TCG is investing in Booster Packs. Each pack generally contains a diverse mix including potential rare, valuable cards. Yet, it's worth noting, that the randomness factor requires cautious integration into deck building for beginners.

pokemon booster packs

Pokemon Starter Decks provide an excellent platform for beginners, proposing a balanced array of cards to kick-start gameplay. Products like the Pokémon TCG Paldea Evolved Elite Trainer Box feature attractive accessories and powerful staple cards, making it an exciting choice.

Theme & Battle Decks

Elite Trainer Boxes hold the reins in Pokemon for numerous reasons. They are an ideal choice for card collectors who bank on their exclusive promo cards.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, these boxes contain 8-10 booster packs from each new expansion. While the pull rates for ultra-rare cards don't shift significantly as opposed to regular boosters, the guaranteed rare parcels render them attractive.

Elite Trainer Boxes also lend a helping hand to gameplay by providing useful accessories. Card sleeves, dice, condition markers, and player’s guides form a part of this lot. For the preservation of those high-valued cards, deck boxes and sleeves come in handy.

Lastly, they have an added benefit for fans in their limited availability and collectibility. The appeal extends from the special bundle of exclusive items, past the cards, into its unique packaging.

pokemon theme and battle decks

Build & Battle Boxes

Offering a unique perspective and foundation to start, these boxes serve as an epicentre for both new and casual Pokemon TCG players. They intend to offer a complete sealed deck experience where the fear of creating a 60-card deck from scratch doesn't linger.

Assigning numbers to the contents, one can find four specific components inside. The primary constituent includes four booster packs from the latest expansion, further followed by a 40-card ready-to-play deck featuring key cards from the same set. Additionally, there's one of 4 unique foil promo cards differing across boxes to offer the zing to your deck. Last but not least, inside the box, you'll also find a deck box, rules insert, and an online code card for your virtual battles.

Looking beyond the cards, these boxes cultivate an even playing field without substantial investment in expensive cards. It's a perfect stage to test one's deck-building skills with a limited card pool while enjoying quick games. These boxes serve as a great entry point for new players to learn the game, keeping them engrossed with only 40 cards and 4 prize cards, consequently opening the doors to the vast and exciting world of Pokemon TCG.

pokemon build and battle decks

Battle Academy: The Best Option

This platform is highly esteemed for its approach toward beginners, simplifying the learning process and providing engaging gameplay.

Battle Academy holds a special place for newbies, painted to elicit the core gameplay mechanics and regulations in a digestible way. A comprehensive rulebook, tutorial guides, and progressive learning decks are employed to smoothen the induction into the gameplay. In addition, the gameboard acts as a visual aid, demonstrating proper setup and suitable card play areas, which enriches the learning process.

Beginners encounter straightforward 60-card decks such as Pikachu, Charizard, and Mewtwo each with a single powerful Pokemon-GX. These simplified mechanics remove intricate features like Abilities, subsequently preventing beginners from feeling overwhelmed.

The package offered by Battle Academy is a self-contained unit. It equips beginners with everything necessary to commence playing, including 3 decks, a gameboard, guides, damage counters and other game accessories. The provision of multiple decks escalates replayability, presenting a complete solution that eliminates the requirement of additional purchases, hence offering excellent value.

An advanced deck included within the package serves as a stepping stone to standard 60-card constructed decks. After mastering the Battle Academy, players find themselves prepared to transition into the more complex League Battle Decks or Theme Decks, delivering an ideal onRamp into the expansive Pokemon TCG experience.

pokemon battle academy

Expansion Packs: When to Invest

An assortment of Pokemon TCG expansion packs are out there, including the enticing Halloween BOOster pack available on eBay, or the unique Pokemon Go Eevee Box. For beginners, it's important to take certain considerations into account before investing.

How to Select Your First Booster Packs

Pokemon TCG Booster packs, such as the Halloween BOOster and the Pokemon Go Eevee Box, present a terrific starting point for newcomers. Each Halloween BOOster pack comes with 40 mini packs, each of which contains three cards. They're a smart choice as they promote the collection of a complete expansion set by purchasing a single booster box pack. Moreover, the cards can potentially increase in value, which adds an element of investment for collectors.

In contrast, the Pokemon Go Eevee Box caters to a different kind of collector. It contains eight packs but also includes accessories like an enamel Eevee pin and a rubber play mat. This booster box can significantly bolster the card collection but also illustrates a fun peripheral component of card collecting.

All these make a compelling case for beginners to start with Booster packs. It’s all in the detail, extensive offers and a great variety lure beginners into exploring this realm of Pokemon TCG.

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