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Exit: Dead Man on the Orient Express Review

Apr 11, 2024

dead man on the orient express game

This game will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions. It is a race against time for you to solve the riddles to solve the mystery of the murder and find the missing detective. Is this game for you? I will give you my full view of the game and leave it for you to decide whether Dead Man on the Orient Express is something you should be looking at.

Plot Summary

Diving deeper into the game's storyline, we'll take a journey through the initial setup, the exciting development of events, and finally, the engaging gameplay.

Initial Setup

Dead Man on the Orient Express throws players into a compelling narrative straightaway. My initial impression was like being thrust into an Agatha Christie novel, where every twist and turn promises a thrilling challenge. The preliminary setup requires players to function together as detectives, and as the game commences, we find ourselves on a luxurious train, the Orient Express, amidst a cunning murder.

With the detective absent, it's our job to solve challenging puzzles and riddles, all integrated into the eerily familiar "Murder on the Orient Express" plot. I found this fusion of theme and gameplay a unique manner to engage both ardent fans and newcomers.

dead man on the orient express components

Development of Events

As the game progresses, be prepared for an exhilarating mental workout. The difficulty level is set to hard (Level 3 in the EXIT series, to be precise), making each puzzle and code we cracked an achievement in itself. However, it's not just about speed. The game demands detailed observation, in-depth deduction and careful plotting.

I found myself going back over each problem, combing the game for useful tidbits. Yes, it could feel tedious at times, but the thrill of putting the clues together was worth it. We receive specific pieces of evidence during the game, making the process of debating theories, motives, and alibis an essential aspect of the game.


The developers intentionally made this a paper-based game which includes a booklet, cards, a solution wheel and a pair of card stock strange items, also note that in every Exit game, you will need a pair of scissors a stopwatch, a notebook and a pen. While the game does indicate that certain components may need to be marked, folded or torn during the gameplay, I found that it was well worth the experience.

The puzzles in Dead Man on the Orient Express consistently satisfied my intellect, bringing a comfortable difficulty curve that gradually became quite challenging. The quality of the puzzles ranged from good to great, and the final mystery - ah, don't get me started on that - was one of the best parts.

As a bonus, Dead Man on the Orient Express games are marked as destructible, meaning it's a one-time adventure. Some may see this as a downer, but I saw it as an opportunity for a memorable play session with my friends.

So, to summarize, if you're looking for a fun, challenging and immersive detective experience, Dead Man on the Orient Express is worth giving a try. The rich storyline and intellectually stimulating gameplay will surely pull any escape room enthusiast or mystery novel lover right into its intricate narrative.

Character Analysis

Though altered a bit in this Exit game, who can't recognise the dapper yet world-weary persona of the great detective who graces this murder mystery. In our version, Hercule Poirot is referred to as Achilles Pussot, an obvious nod to Agatha Christie's ingenious detective persona. Whether it's Poirot or Pussot, we all know the calibre of the mind working tirelessly to rise above the puzzling quagmire of this murder mystery. A master of deduction, his approach to piecing together the clues is tantamount to us solving the game's challenging puzzles and riddles.

The supporting cast brings depth, intrigue, and colour to the game. This includes the unfortunate commute of our murder victim — a thinly veiled reference to the character of Ratchett, renamed Ratchington in Dead Man on the Orient Express. A marked man aboard a train, his untimely demise sets the scene for all players. Everyone on board is a suspect and the intricate process of elimination serves as the game's thrilling crux.

The cohort also involves a multitude of other unnamed characters, each delivering tidbits of information. These could take the form of misleading red herrings or invaluable clues, packaged as game components or interspersed within the multi-layered narrative.

Interestingly, the character list extends beyond the human element. The Orient Express itself could be deemed a grand character in its own right. The various corridors, compartments and engine room become the stage for the assembled riddles. Solving them isn't merely about playing detective, it's about unlocking the secrets of this iconic train and unravelling the mystery of what took place within its plush confines. Let's proceed further down the narrative track and see where our investigation leads next.

Recommended Strategy

Navigating Exit: Dead Man on the Orient Express, truly challenged my detective abilities. You're not just solving a murder mystery, you're also tasked with the classic escape room challenge of exiting from the train. The core gameplay elements like searching, detailed observation, deduction, and puzzling require a strong strategy.

Let's face it, we're dealing with a play-at-home escape room with a unique murder mystery twist. To me, the puzzles presented were satisfying, with a comfortable difficulty curve and escalating challenges. The game implements an answer wheel and two-part card solution to prevent accidental discoveries of answers, maintaining the thrill of the 'hunt'.

Here's what I suggest: Turn your focus towards speed. Just like an escape room, you're up against time, zooming through puzzles. The game encourages haste, ranking you based on time and clue count.

However, quick progression may mean missing key elements of the story. The game's intricate design may need a second contemplative review once you've finished. I found myself revisiting the game in search of missed threads, similar to a detailed post-escape room search. After this careful reevaluation, I'd spend some time mining for useful information, contemplating newly discovered tidbits.

My Final Thoughts

I've found "Dead Man on the Orient Express" to be a thrilling blend of murder mystery and escape room challenge. It's all about speed and strategy, but don't forget to take a step back after your game. Reviewing your journey post-game helps to uncover any missed story elements. It's a strategy that deepens the immersive experience and makes the game even more engaging. It is a great game where the number of players playing is irrelevant and can still be enjoyable, I would highly recommend this for anybody into murder mysteries but I would say this is a game more for adults.