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Queendomino Board Game Review

May 08, 2024

queendomino board game

I'm always on the lookout for games with unique mechanics and strategic depth. Such a gem in this field is the Queendomino board game by Blue Orange Games. While it's a standalone game, it's also an extension of the famed Kingdomino. In this review, I will tell you why it is worth adding this game to your collection.

Queendomino Gameplay

Queendomino retains the central objective of Kingdomino: using terrain tiles to erect a kingdom and accumulate points. It's not simply a redesign, it's a development replete with enhancements that foster greater strategic play. Queendomino adds multiple new elements, a central market, money circulation, economic considerations, taxing, knights, towers, new map colours and even a dragon. These features tweak how you strategize and build, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game.

One of the most captivating aspects is the balance I had to maintain. Not just the layout of my territories, but the number of crowns adds to this equilibrium. And that's not the end – An economic system involving buildings and money introduces an additional layer of thoughtfulness. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I say the special buildings offering bonus scores, further spice up the game experience.

queendomino board game components

This influx of new strategic elements undoubtedly makes Queendomino more challenging than Kingdomino. It offers a broader range of decisions, adding more variability to each game. The contradicting pulls - going for quick scores versus securing the first pick from the new tile batch, is indeed a neat twist.

Moreover, Queendomino introduces a new type of landmass - the town. I've built many a city on these red town tiles. This feature distinguishes Queendomino, further enriching the gameplay.

Reflecting on this, I’d assert that Queendomino's gameplay isn’t just about Kingdomino's allure – it’s about building on it and adding a layer of sophistication. The additional rules and higher complexity aren't daunting, instead, they cater to adult players well, giving truth to the adage: complexity and engagement often go hand in hand.

Strategy Tips for Winning

When it comes to developing a winning strategy for the Queendomino board game, a few critical considerations emerge.

First, successfully manage your territory's infrastructure and crown placement. Each tile placement requires careful thinking – you'll find that the best territory is one with multiple crowns and advanced infrastructure in the form of buildings.

Next on the agenda is prudent building selection. It not only allows you to add to your kingdom’s worth but also can provide bonuses. For instance, some buildings may send a knight or two your way, helping you collect taxes. Others might give you a leg up on your tower count, which can draw the Queen's attention to your kingdom.

queendomino board game components

Balancing the short-term perks versus the long-run scoring from buildings plays a vital role. Some buildings might offer instant benefits but little in endgame scoring. Conversely, others may not seem fruitful initially but rack up scores in the game's final stages.

Remember not to overlook the small but mighty knights. Used correctly, knights can be valuable resources for generating income. Placing "kneeples" early may seem less lucrative, but neglecting to do so might mean you miss out on those bountiful buildings altogether.

Superiority in tower control brings the Queen's favour, reducing construction costs and adding victory points. If you're the player with the most impressive tower collection, you can expect reductions in building costs and a bonus at the game's end. But, don't overlook the dragon — if the Queen's not on your side, bribing the dragon to burn down a building can be a valuable tactic.

Ultimately, Queendomino is a game of strategy and balance. Keep an eye out for potential benefits and always be alert to your opponents' actions. The key to victory lies in strategic planning and nimble adaptability.

Component Quality and Game Design

One thing that will stand out straight away when opening the box is the quality of its components. The tiles are robust, enduring, and able to withstand numerous gaming sessions. Their detailed artwork breathes life into each game, immersing players in the game's world of building kingdoms. And let's not forget the well-designed scorepad, an element that streamlines scoring and keeps everyone's attention on the gaming battle underway.

But what about game design, you ask? Queendomino thrives here too. The rules and mechanics of the game integrate seamlessly, fostering a cohesive gameplay experience. Regular tile-laying, though central to playing, isn't all there is to the game. The designers added a market, buildings, and even a dragon to the game. These fresh elements enhance the gaming experience, bringing in meaningful depth without burdening players with complexity.

queendomino board game components

This smart balance, found at the heart of Queendomino's mechanics, marks it as a well-designed game. It manages to enhance complexity strategically, layering additional depth onto its Kingdomino roots without discouraging those familiar with the latter's simpler mechanisms.

In the case of Queendomino, the integration of new gameplay elements doesn't create an overwhelming environment. Instead, it constructs a rich landscape of possibilities and strategic depth for players to navigate. Players might initially recoil at the sight of a dragon. But they'll soon realise it adds another layer of strategy without pulling the focus from the tactical tile-laying that fans of Kingdomino love.

Queendomino's component quality and game design indeed make it a noteworthy addition to the market. With its intricate yet accessible mechanics and sturdy, visually appealing components, it's a game that commands attention.

Queendomino vs. Kingdomino: Which is Better?

Queendomino, an enhanced and more sophisticated variant of Kingdomino, offers an elevated gaming experience. It's intelligently designed with advanced strategic elements catering to gamers seeking advancement from the simplicity of Kingdomino. In contrast, Kingdomino, with its simplicity, attracts casual players and offers quick and easy gameplay.

Comparing the two, the main difference lies in the gameplay complexity. Where Kingdomino retains a bare-bones simplicity that's charming and quick to grasp, Queendomino ramps up the tactical decision-making, offering avenues for strategic planning and variability.

For example, Queendomino introduces an extra layer of strategy with the addition of buildings. Tiles that give you towers might attract the queen to your kingdom - if she arrives, your construction costs become cheaper. Other buildings add value, too: some offer points, others dispatch knights, and a few provide extra money or towers each time you collect tax. Figuring out what you require presently and the strategy to pursue is a critical part of Queendomino's gameplay. Additionally, the survival and subsequent discount of tiles each round force players to meticulously strategise.

queendomino board game components

Whichever game is deemed "better", in reality, depends upon the player's preferences and desired level of complexity. So, is it the light simplicity and swift gameplay of Kingdomino, or the increased challenge and engaging depth of Queendomino that you fancy? The choice ultimately boils down to personal preference. Both games have their merits, offering diverse experiences connected by the common thread of kingdom building, and providing fun and exciting gaming sessions.

Is Queendomino Worth Buying?

After going through Queendomino's gameplay intricacies, it's clear that it brings a new level of depth to the Kingdomino experience. It's a step up in complexity, with the addition of buildings, a central market, and a dragon, all adding strategic layers to the kingdom building concept. If you're a fan of Kingdomino but crave more challenging and engaging gameplay, Queendomino is definitely worth your consideration. It requires a bit more planning, but the payoff is an enriched gaming experience. If you're up for a challenge then Queendomino is a fantastic choice. It's a testament to how a game can evolve while staying true to its roots.