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Stomp the Plank Review

May 30, 2024

stomp the plank game

In 'Stomp the Plank', you'll find yourself in the shoes (or should I say tusks) of pirate elephants, attempting to steal treasure from a giraffe captain. It's a game of luck and strategy, where every move could be your last. The thrill of pushing your luck, the tension of waiting to see if you've tipped the balance - it's all part of the game's appeal.

What's more, it's a game that teaches children the basics of probability without them even realising it. So, not only are they having a whale of a time, but they're learning too.

Setting up Stomp the Plank

Setting up 'Stomp the Plank', if I may add, is almost as fun as the game itself. Designed with a strong pirate theme, the elements of this game are bound to ignite your child's imagination and elevate the gaming experience right from the go.

Unboxing and Contents

Opening the 'Stomp the Plank' box, you are greeted with delightful components that scream adventure. The pirate ship box doubles as the game board, adding a clever touch of creativity to the design. It's not just a box; it's an overturned pirate ship, ready to set sail in your living room.

Next, there are 4 magnetic planks. These either become a life-saving platform for your elephant pirate or a nail-biting path to the depths of the deadly sea. Each plank is magnetically attached to the ship, and let me tell you, they're quite a treat to the eyes!

Accentuating the theme, you get 4 elephant pirate figures. They stand gallantly on the ends of the planks, ready for the treasure hunt. I love how these playful figures instantly give life to the board, making the game all the more charming.

You also get 49 treasure cards in the set, hinting at the bountiful treasure awaiting the lucky elephant! Drawing the cards is an enthralling moment in the game, as you work to collect sets without repeating icons.

Lastly, to add some thrill and spills to the game, it comes with 60 wooden tokens or weights. These tokens are strategically placed on the ends of opponents' planks, causing the planks to tilt. Have your opponent's elephant pirate walk the plank, or be careful not to make yours plunge into the depths below!

stomp the plank board game

Gameplay of Stomp The Plank

Rules and Objectives

What's a game without rules? Even pirates have a code of conduct, after all! In 'Stomp the Plank', players become sprightly elephant pirates, faced with the daredevil task of filching treasures from Captain Giraffe's treasure chest. Sounds inviting, doesn't it? Every thrilling turn involves flipping over treasure cards. These texturing the gaming arena with a constant air of suspense. You earn more treasure the more unique cards you reveal, but beware! Try to show off too many matching cards and you risk stomping the plank. Oh, how deceptively simple it all seems!

Complexity and Accessibility

But don't be fooled! Beneath that thrilling simplicity lurks a web of complexity that's just enough to challenge every 'matey' at the table without leaving anyone stranded at 'no-fun island'. Players use wooden tokens or weights to strategically place them on the ends of opponents' planks, aiming to make them tilt and take that unfortunate elephant pirate skid down the deck. Remember, your move could either be your stairway to victory or a fatal plank stomp! Thus, new and experienced gamers alike can enjoy the competitive tug of war in this game, the latter appreciating its stealthy depth while the younger crew members relishing its approachable design and immersive gameplay.

How to Win

"Is there a way to ride the storm and secure an outright victory?", you may ask. Well, there's nothing more enticing than the sweet sound of success in the high seas! While one path to victory is by being the last elephant standing, you can also gamble your fate and go against the tide. To carry the day, either outlast your opponents as their elephants fall off the ship, or, if you're feeling particularly courageous, try to reveal six different treasure icons in a row without any repeats. Achieve this brave feat, and you will have earned yourself the title of Pirate Supreme with an instant win! Now, who wouldn't give that a shot?

Final Thoughts on Stomp The Plank

'Stomp the Plank' brings a unique blend of fun, education, and strategy to the table. It is a quick game to learn and play which makes it a great family game as it is engaging for both kids and adults. The gameplay allows players of all levels to enjoy and strategize. Whether you're the last elephant standing or the Pirate Supreme with six different treasure icons, the thrill of victory is palpable. I'd say 'Stomp the Plank' is a must-have in your game collection, promising hours of competitive fun and a subtle lesson in probability. It's a game that delivers on its promise of an engaging pirate experience.