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Tiny Epic Zombies Review

by Joseph Gough on Mar 19, 2024

Tiny Epic Zombies Review

The Tiny Epic series from Gamelyn Games has become quite popular and Tiny Epic Zombies has been part of the reason for this. This game puts players against a zombie outbreak in the Echo Ridge Shopping Mall.

There are five different game modes, each of these game modes is available as a solo-player game or can also be played by up to 5 players. Depending on the game mode, you will be cooperating, semi-cooperating or competing with each other. This game provides you with a wide range of challenges whether you decide to try and survive the zombie attack or you are a zombie hunting the rest of the living. Right, let's dive into the zombie-infested world of Tiny Epic Zombies.

Overview of Tiny Epic Zombies

Tiny Epic Zombies is a fast-paced combat and survival game that will have you step into the middle of a zombie-infested shopping mall and your only goal is to survive.

The true standout of this board game is its ITEMeeples. These interactive figurines introduced in Tiny Epic Quests fit perfectly into this game. Players can attach weapons and items, creating a dynamic and visual gameplay that adds to the thrill and intensity. They may be small in size but they're big in functionality. Not to forget, the tiny motorcycle and police car that can fit your MEEPLE are a delightful addition to the game setup.

Diving into the gameplay, Tiny Epic Zombies offers an impressive variety and adaptability. Having five various game modes, including solo, cooperative versus zombies, and competitive modes, this game is packed with rich gameplay experiences suiting different preferences. The objectives for each gameplay vary, enhancing its replayability and ensuring a unique gaming experience every time.

In my experience, the game's charm lies in the three random missions drawn in each game. These scenarios are thematic, present unique goals and foster team cooperation, making every move a part of a strategic survival plan. As if facing a zombie outbreak wasn't challenging enough, it also offers varying levels of difficulty on a scale of 1-10. It scores a challenging yet manageable 3.5, letting players up the ante based on their survival game preferences.

Now approaching the end, I need to mention a few things that made my gaming experience a tad tricky. The game's components, while detailed and unique, can be viewed as dauntingly small by some. Additionally, the setup for the game, despite being worth the struggle, might take a bit of time for new players.

Pros and Cons

As with all things in life, Tiny Epic Zombies isn't all brains and glory. It’s got its shining moments, and a few quirks to boot. Let’s go over them below!


One of the things I like the most about Tiny Epic Zombies is the different game modes that it offers, which changes the way the game is played. You might be an individualist or a team player, it does not matter as there will be a game style that suits you. There are five different game modes to play that will allow you to play by yourself or with up to a team of 5 players.

Additionally, Tiny Epic Zombies offers a dig deep into the horror board gaming experience with its attention to visual detail. The unique ITEMeeples are quite the showstopper – adding a dynamic, engaging component to gameplay.

The three random scenarios or missions each game round provide a strategic depth, making every session unique. So if you're worried about the game losing its charm after a few rounds, worry no more! With its varying setups and missions, replay value is high on the charts for this one.

Moreover, I found the elements of the game to be thematically cohesive and consistent. The combination of zombie-bashing, weapon-collecting, and puzzle-solving all blend seamlessly into the ultimate survival experience.


While the size of the game components is meant to add to the 'tiny' essence of Tiny Epic Zombies, not everyone might appreciate it. If you're prone to misplacing small items or find difficulty with such pieces, this could be a bit of a hiccup for you.

Lastly, getting started may be somewhat daunting to some. The initial setup and understanding of the mechanics can be a bit complex. But once you've got the hang of things, trust me, you're in for quite a thrilling ride.

Replay Value

Diving into the rich tapestry of Tiny Epic Zombies, some elements stand out for enhancing replayability. From the ever-changing scenarios to the compelling strategies, this game continues to surprise me with its depth and variability.

What I love about TEZ lies in its setting of not just one but three random scenarios each game round. These scenarios not only drastically change the landscape of play, but they also add layers upon layers of strategic depth. You could be operating on a last-man-standing scheme in one game, then suddenly finding yourself in an intense race against the clock to complete objectives in another. The multifaceted objectives contribute significantly to the narrative, making for epic storylines with endless twists and turns. An example that comes to mind is the scenario involving tanks - oh, the thrill of attempting to manoeuvre four tanks to the mall centre, all while preventing zombie invasions in their tracks!

Here's where I find myself truly immersed in the tiny, epic world of the living dead. Despite the small game components, TEZ doesn't skimp on offering a vast array of strategies for players. Whether you’re softly sneaking past zombie hordes or waging a weapons-blazing battle against them, your approach can vary every time you play. The weapons collection and puzzle-solving aspects present multiple paths to victory, which spells hours of gameplay without repetitive strategies.

Final Thoughts

Tiny Epic Zombies shines brightly within the Tiny Epic series. What truly distinguishes it is its replayability - the constantly shifting scenarios keep players engaged, while the diverse strategies ensure continued enjoyment. The game's captivating artwork and strategic depth elevate the overall experience, though it may be too intense for younger players. Despite some potential challenges with components and mechanics, the game's merits far outweigh any shortcomings. I have played it on my own and with my friends on many occasions and what I have found is that I never seem to get bored of playing. There are always changes in my strategy that I want to try next and with the variety of game modes and the character cards that can change the game at any given moment, I think it is an amazing game for the price.