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'A Fake Artist Goes to New York' Board Game Review

Apr 23, 2024

a fake artist goes to new york board game

Have you ever looked at art and couldn't believe what you are seeing? Have you ever thought that anyone could become an artist? Well now is your chance to give it a go.

This game of bluffs designed by Oink Games has everyone's eye. This is the situation: you've arrived at an art show, surrounded by world-class artists all there to create a collaborative piece to show to the world, will you be able to fake your way to being credible?



The brilliance of A Fake Artist Goes To New York Board Game is its simplicity, this game can be played between 5 to 10 players and will not take longer than 20 minutes to finish, making it a brilliant game to start a party.

Throughout my gaming experience, this game grabs your attention immediately, beginning with the packaging. Despite its compact size, the striking colour scheme makes it highly noticeable and distinct even from a considerable distance.

A Fake Artist Goes To New York makes art accessible and enjoyable beyond its traditional domain. With up to ten players indulging in the frenzy of spotting the imposter, it's a game where you will have a lot of fun playing. There's a magnetic charm in how every round unfolds differently, keeping the game fresh and engaging.

But like any game, it has its caveats. A prevalent issue amongst colour-blind players is the similarity of marker colours. It obscures the crucial game element of distinguishing between players' sketches. An intriguing solution for such players might be using distinctively textured markers instead.

For a game that doesn't exhaust you with complexity but keeps you revived for hours, A Fake Artist Goes To New York is the board game to explore. I've often seen players new to the gaming scene taken aback by how much they enjoy this game.

Oink games have indeed outdone themselves with this masterpiece, cleverly pairing art, bluffing, and social deduction to provide a wholly entertaining experience.


In the heart of this game, there's a heady mix of deception and creativity – just plot a few lines on paper. What do I love about it? It doesn't require an art degree! Even a squiggle counts and can be the next Picasso's work. The main aim here isn't creating a masterpiece but keeping your identity under wraps.

You start every round with one player acting as the Question Master. They determine the group's drawing category and write it down on little slips of paper. A secret word related to the category is also scribbled on each slip, with one exceptionally unique slip that states 'Fake Artist'. The Question Master’s job is simple: distribute one slip of paper to each player.

Here's where it gets interesting: everyone knows what they’re drawing, except the 'Fake Artist'. All 'Real Artists' are aware of the secret word and the 'Fake Artist' needs to sniff out this word by watching others draw.

a fake artist goes to new york board game components

The drawing phase follows, where players take turns to draw a single line on the blank canvas – no peeking! Remember to keep your artwork discreet, you wouldn't want the 'Fake Artist' catching on. At the end of two rounds of drawing, it's time to expose the suspicious 'Fake Artist'.

The game carries on for multiple rounds, each played with laughter, accusing eyes, and hushed whispers. It’s a delightful chaos delivered neatly in a small package with the Oink Games stamp of approval.


When it comes to developing a winning plan in the A Fake Artist Goes to New York Board Game by Oink Games, there's a fine line between deception and creativity. A game of this nature demands a good bit of bluffing and the ability to think on your feet. So how does one successfully navigate through each round without being tagged 'the fake artist'?

As a starting point, you'll need to draw lines confidently. Even if you're the 'fake artist', don't let your uncertainty show on the paper. Remember, all eyes are on you - make sure your strokes are as decisive as the other players.

a fake artist goes to new york board game components

When I play, I try to maintain a balance between sticking to the category and keeping my drawings ambiguous. This technique keeps my opponents guessing. Are they looking at a masterpiece from an artist true to their soul or the desperate attempts of a fake artist to blend in?

Blending in is key. You don't want your artwork to stand out for the wrong reasons. Be consistent with how much you reveal about your knowledge of the category. If the 'real' artists are drawing detailed pictures, maybe it's best for you to, as well. If they're keeping it vague, you'd better keep your drawings under wraps, too.

This game's charm lies in its requirement for a good poker face and a steady hand. Deception is the name of the game and creativity, is the tool for survival.

Though, there are no rules set for a definite strategy in A Fake Artist Goes to New York. It's a deception game with an artful twist, where the line between a real and a fake artist blurs. Therefore, the successful player will master the craft of convincing deception and creative expression. So go on, give this a whirl and let the inner artist (or imposter) in you come alive!

Pros and Cons

Versatile and Accommodating: This is one game that knows how to welcome a crowd. It's not every day that you come across a board game that comfortably accommodates up to 10 players. In my experience, games that can welcome such large gatherings while keeping gameplay quality in check are a rare gem.

Creativity at its Best: The charm that anchors 'A Fake Artist Goes To New York' lies in its focus on deception and creativity. You don't need to be an artist to enjoy this game - it's all about strategy, wit and knowing how to blend in; for the gaming enthusiasts in us, it's a glorious punch of challenges.

Quality Components: Oink Games has always excelled at design and quality, and this game is no exception. The dry-erase boards used in the game are a testament to this, as they are durable and ensure that no prying eyes steal a sneak peek into your secret art.

It is a very good game and although I very much enjoy it I would say that one of the quirks that I've noticed with this board game is its slight stumble when it comes to colour blindness. With similarly looking shades, it becomes a bit tough for colour-blind folks to discern the markings on the board. This could limit the enjoyment for some players.

Final Thoughts

For those of you who want an engaging game that's easy to learn and has fast gameplay, I believe I have found what you are looking for. It's portable and excellent for large groups making it a great icebreaker and making you an instant hit at the party. The easy-to-play game makes it excellent for children to be included, the only thing that I wished they could change would be to be more inclusive for colour-blind by bringing in a better colour scheme. Other than that, for the price I can't find a better game.