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You've got Crabs Review

May 16, 2024

you've got crabs

I've got a claw-some recommendation for you – the wildly entertaining 'You've Got Crabs' board game. From the makers of Exploding Kittens, comes the new game where for once you will be able to shout You've got Crabs without causing any offence!

Overview of You've Got Crabs Board Game

Diving straight into the briny deep of You've Got Crabs, it seemed only fitting as I've always been a fan of quirky card games like Exploding Kittens. When it comes to party games, you realise right off the bat with this one, that it isn't at all your typical stuffy game night. Instead, it literally has you communicating via covert, crab-themed puns and signals to your team without getting caught.

Believe me, if you're thinking of a game that's got the potential to break the usual norm of party games, You've Got Crabs ticks all the right boxes. It’s a game of speed, strategy, and excitement hinged on the simplest of concepts – collecting identical crab cards.

The objective? If the name hadn’t given it away, it's to give secret “crab signals” to your teammate, indicating you’ve got four of the same card. This, is to amass points. Now, if another player catches on and shouts “You've got crabs!” before your teammate does, they effectively ‘steal’ the point instead. A fresh twist, right?

Call it the poker of party games, it ratchets the tension up, all while letting you in on the fun whether you're the one bluffing or guessing crab signals. Just imagine the gestures, eye squinting, and unexplained laughter that can burst out. Exciting, right?

Surprisingly, despite the chaos, it balances well across player counts as high as 10. Though, be warned, it is a game for even numbers only – no odd crabs allowed! It's a unique situation not often observed in card games and might be a point of concern if you're used to accommodating those extra ones in party games.

you've got crabs cards

How to Play You've Got Crabs

Just like you'd need a good map before setting sail, understanding the key rules of "You've Got Crabs" will help you navigate the exciting waves of gameplay. This is a game that thrives on team play, clever signals and quick thinking in the pursuit of the most coveted item - the crab tokens. It feels like an underwater version of poker, with teams of two trying to hatch secret deals beneath the ripples!

Here is how it all starts - we have 4 to 10 enthusiastic sailors or players, teams of two are formed, and secret signals - the silent language of this game - are devised. The playing table is divided into two parts and you sit diagonally across from your teammate so you can keep a hawk's eye for their 'crabby signal' as you fish for patterned cards from 'The Ocean'.

This game doesn't just stimulate your tactical senses, it teaches you how to strategize with every swap of cards and every secret sign. The aim of the game? Simple. Secure four of the same card, relay your secret signal to your partner and wait for them to yell "You've Got Crabs!" This phrase is the golden ticket to the precious crab tokens, your lifeline in this contest. Beware though, your opponents might be just as sharp-eyed and can snatch your token if they call out your signal first. The captain of this ship is the one who manages to acquire the most crab tokens when the crab pot is empty.

That's a breezy overview of the rules and setup! Now let's sail into strategic waters.

So, eager to rake in those crab tokens in your game of "You've Got Crabs"? I've tackled a few games and learned that the key to outsmart your opponents lies in effective strategies.

Firstly, successful navigation in this game largely depends on the secret signals between your team. Keep them subtle and hard to catch, remember, your opponents are on the lookout for these! Secondly, the essence of the fun lies in the cards - collecting four of the same card is your primary goal. Therefore, swap cards with your eyes on the prize!

But, it's not just about you and your cards, keep an eye on your opponents too! If you see a signal before their partner does, make your call. Be bold, be loud - "You've Got Crabs!" Here's a pro tip- try bluffing! Make erroneous signals, why not? This can potentially throw off your opponent's game.

you've got crabs components

Performance and User Experience

Over multiple game nights, I found that 'You've Got Crabs' continually maintained its charm, congratulating itself on high replayability. Each round presented a new challenge with an array of possibilities, and its engaging team-play ensured a lively atmosphere.

It is the unpredictability that adds to the thrill. Just when you believe a player might hold four matching crabs, the suspense builds, making you second-guess your moves.

Despite its chaotic essence, the game strikes a fine balance, preserving fairness across varied player counts. An integral part of 'You've Got Crabs' review includes the simultaneous gameplay feature, a unique element bolstering the game dynamics. Racing against each other to make swaps, tracking what co-players are collecting, and smartly using your 'accuse' tool, all contribute to the fairness and excitement of the game.

However, one would argue that it is restrictive in its requirement for even player numbers. You undoubtedly need a workaround if you've got an odd-numbered group, a minor hiccup for a party game of this calibre.

Final Thoughts on You've Got Crabs

I've found 'You've Got Crabs' to be a standout in party games. It is very simple to set up, very easy game to understand and to start playing, on top of this, up to 10 players can play at once and it works really well with such a large number of players. If you have ever played and enjoyed any of the Exploding Kitten variations this game will not disappoint, if you were expecting something a bit more intricate and complex then I would say that you are looking for the wrong game.