What Next - Cooperative Adventure Board Game

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What Next - Cooperative Adventure Board Game

What Next - Cooperative Adventure Board Game

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Product description

Embark on the Ultimate Adventure with 'What Next' – A Cooperative Board Game Where Strategy Meets Thrill 

Key Highlights:

  • Dynamic Gameplay: 'What Next' takes you through 'Pathways of Peril', where you'll encounter everything from colossal koalas and renegade robots to an irate old lady wielding a bazooka. Decide together whether to scale the trees or delve into the swamp's depths, crafting your collective fate with every turn.

  • Over 60 Engaging Mini-Games: Engage in a diverse range of over 60 mini-games, testing your skills in puck-flicking, shape-building, card-throwing, and immersive role-playing. Each challenge is a test of skill and teamwork, shaping your adventure into an unforgettable saga.

  • The Tower of Peril: Strategy and cooperation are paramount as every misstep adds a peril piece to the towering structure looming over your journey. A tower collapse spells the end for all adventurers, adding suspense and excitement to your quest.

  • Flexible Player Modes: 'What Next' is versatile, offering rich experiences for solo adventurers, dynamic duos, or groups of up to four players. It’s the perfect choice for game nights, family bonding, or any occasion in search of a cooperative challenge.

  • Endless Hours of Fun: With its unique adventures, 'What Next' promises endless entertainment. Discover new paths, master the mini-games, and navigate the perils to emerge victorious. It’s not just a game; it’s a gateway to countless stories waiting to be told.


  • For 1-4 players
  • Recommended age: 10+
  • Playing time: Around 40 minutes
  • Contains:
    • Deck of numbered story cards
    • Items deck
    • Purple misshapen blocks for "Tower of Peril"
  • Three separate adventures included: The Drums of Koala Cave, The Skyscraper Caper, and Blinky's Great Escape
  • Adventures vary in difficulty
  • Published by Big Potato Games
  • Designed by Ed Naujokas