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Best Funko Pop Sports Figures to Collect

Jul 10, 2024

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Funko Pop figures have carved out their own niche in the collectables industry. And when it's about sports enthusiasts who are also collectors, there's nothing quite like a miniature replica of their favourite athlete to add that special touch to their collection.

We're diving into the area of Funko Pop sports figures - those pint-sized vinyl creations that capture our sporting heroes in an adorable yet iconic way. From basketball giants to football legends, we'll be sharing our picks for the best in this exciting field.

Best Funko Pop Sports Figures Overview

Choosing the perfect Funko Pop sports figure isn't just about picking your favourite athlete. There are several factors to consider, ensuring that you select a figure that represents good value, artistic representation, and longevity.

  1. Authenticity: Genuine Funko Pops bear the company's official markings. It remains crucial to avoid counterfeit products, as they're often inferior in quality.

  2. Condition: Mint condition figures generally hold more value than those with packaging damage or visible wear on the figurine itself.

  3. Rarity: Limited edition releases or retired models tend to be more sought after by collectors, elevating their desirability.

  4. Detailing: Good detailing enhances the likeness between the sports figure and its real-industry counterpart.

  5. Popularity of Athlete/Player: Figures representing popular players can command higher prices due to increased demand.


Funko Pops resonate well with sports culture because they offer fans a tangible way to connect with their idols while adding a dash of fun and nostalgia. Here's how they've integrated seamlessly into this sphere:

  1. Representation of Iconic Moments - By encapsulating memorable moments from various sports disciplines (such as LeBron James' signature slam dunk), these figures serve as mini time capsules for hardcore fans.

  2. Variety across Sports - With options ranging from football legends like Lionel Messi to basketball icons like Michael Jordan, there's a Funko Pop for every sporting preference.

  3. Affordability - Compared to other memorabilia like signed jerseys or game-used equipment, Funko Pops provide an affordable alternative for fans wanting to express their loyalty.

  4. Display Aesthetics - Their unique design lends well to display, making them a stylish addition to any office desk or living room shelf.

1. Muhammad Ali Funko Pop

Stepping into the ring, we shine a spotlight on one of the finest creations by Funko – The Muhammad Ali Funko Pop. This figure stands tall in its representation of an athlete whose influence transcended his sport. Encapsulating the essence of 'The Greatest', this piece is a must-have for any sports memorabilia collection.

The rarity factor plays a crucial role in determining the value of any collectable item. In this case, even though being widely available at launch, the Muhammad Ali figure has seen a steady increase in demand over time due to its universal appeal.

This particular Funko Pop captures an iconic moment from history - Ali's triumphant stance after knocking out Sonny Liston in their second encounter in 1965. As such, it embodies more than just a collectable; it encapsulates an entire era of sporting achievement.

So whether you're an avid fan of boxing or simply appreciate quality collectables, adding this Mohammad Ali Funko Pop to your collection serves as both an investment and tribute to one of the sport’s greatest personalities.

muhammad ali funko pop

2. Lewis Hamilton Funko Pop

Shifting gears from boxing to the adrenaline-pumping industry of Formula 1 racing, we take a closer look at the Lewis Hamilton Funko Pop. This figure captures the essence of one of Britain's most successful sports icons, making it a must-have for any avid sports memorabilia collector or F1 enthusiast.

Not as common as some other sports figures, the Lewis Hamilton Funko Pop commands value due to its rarity. Given that it’s a representation of an active athlete whose fame continues to soar, its value is only more likely to increase over time.

Just like Muhammad Ali’s figure encapsulates his legendary status in boxing history, Lewis' pop embodies his dominance in Formula 1 racing. It serves as a perfect tribute to his illustrious career marked by seven Industry Championship titles.

lewis hamilton in car funko pop

3. Lionel Messi Funko Pop

Transitioning from the fast-paced industry of Formula 1, we investigate the area of football with a figure representing arguably one of the greatest players in history, Lionel Messi. In line with our exploration of pop culture meeting sports through Funko Pops, it's worth noting that this football legend has his very own vinyl bobblehead.

While not as rare as some other figures we've discussed previously, its appeal lies in its representation of a living legend within football circles. It holds value for fans who have followed Messi throughout his illustrious career at Barcelona and Argentina.

lionel messi funko pop

4. Lebron James Funko POP

A pivot in our list of top sports Funko Pops brings us to the industry of basketball, and there's no figure more fitting than the Lebron James Funko Pop. Reflecting the charisma and skill of this NBA superstar, it's a must-have for any serious collector.

The details captured within this figurine are truly impressive. Sporting his iconic Lakers jersey, complete with number 23 displayed prominently, it mirrors Lebron's on-court look flawlessly. Also, he holds a basketball as if ready to make an awe-inspiring dunk - a nod to his notorious high-flying game style.

Beyond its potential appreciation in value, owning this figure allows fans to express their admiration for LeBron’s achievements. It serves as a tangible piece of history from one of basketball's greatest eras led by him.

lebron james funko pop

5. Pep Guardiola Funko Pop

Rolling into the industry of football, we introduce the exceptionally crafted Pep Guardiola Funko Pop. Recognised for his football brilliance and managerial prowess, Guardiola's figure is a treasure within the area of Funko Pop sports figures.

It's not just about aesthetics with the Pep Guardiola Funko Pop. This piece carries significance akin to owning a fragment of football history. Much like how the LeBron James figure encapsulated moments from his career, this one represents memorable stages from Guardiolas' management journey at Manchester City.

For fans of Manchester City or those who admire Pep’s tactical genius in general, this figure serves as an excellent memento. Its rarity increases its value and desirability among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The appeal lies not only in its likeness to one of football's greatest managers but also in what it symbolises - respect for strategy over strength and ingenuity over intensity - principles that have defined Guardiola's successful career so far.

pep guardiola funko pop

6. Kobe Bryant Funko POP

Paying homage to Bryant's unique style and prowess, the design captures his athleticism in a captivating manner. Dressed in his quintessential purple and gold Laker's uniform, it mirrors his on-court persona perfectly. His number '24' jersey, detailed sneakers and characteristic headband add authenticity to this representation.

In terms of rarity, Kobe Bryant Funko Pops elevate their value in the market significantly. Posthumously released versions especially hold immense significance for fans globally, marking pivotal points in Bryant’s illustrious career.

For collectors seeking notable sports figures, it presents a delightful addition. It enhances their collection and honours a legendary player who left an indelible mark on basketball history.

The transition from Guardiola's strategic brilliance to Kobe Bryant’s inspiring legacy becomes seamless with these unique figures reflecting their respective sports domains brilliantly.

kobe bryant funko pop

7. Mohamed Salah Funko Pop

Moving forward from the brilliance of Guardiola's managerial skills and Bryant's inspiring legacy, we jump into football territory with the Mohamed Salah Funko Pop. This figure is a favourite among collectors and football enthusiasts alike, particularly fans of Liverpool Football Club.

Football fanatics harbour a deep connection with their favourite players. Owning a Funko Pop sports figure like Mohamed Salah grants them a tangible representation of this bond. Whether displayed on office desks or living room shelves, this piece serves as an ongoing reminder of exciting matches and memorable goals scored by the Egyptian King himself.

mohamed salah funko pop

8. Ezekiel Elliott Funko Pop

Transitioning from football to American football, we steer our focus towards the Ezekiel Elliott Funko Pop. This figure, like its predecessors in the series, has a striking design. It perfectly captures the Dallas Cowboys running back's signature appearance and competitive spirit.

The Ezekiel Elliott Funko Pop transcends beyond being just a toy or a decorative piece; it symbolises an athlete’s spirit and passion for the sport. As such, it’s no surprise that it draws attention from both casual fans and avid collectors alike.

As is common with other sports figures in this range, limited editions of the Ezekiel Elliott Funko Pop are particularly desirable among collectors. Their rarity escalates their investment value over time – something that’s been observed in previous models like the Kobe Bryant figure.

ezekiel elliot funko pop

9. Babe Ruth (Pinstripes) Funko Pop

Diving into the area of baseball, we find ourselves captivated by the Babe Ruth (Pinstripes) Funko Pop. This figure, celebrating one of America's greatest baseball legends, stands out in any collection and garners attention from enthusiasts around the globe.

The Babe Ruth figure impresses at first peek with its striking resemblance to the real-life legend. It sports his iconic pinstripe uniform, complete with a cap and a bat positioned over his shoulder — an accurate portrayal of Ruth’s on-field style. The detail in this figurine demonstrates Funko's commitment to authenticity when replicating these legendary athletes.

This particular model resonates with both collectors and baseball fans alike. For collectors, it symbolises an essential piece of sporting history encased within their collection. Baseball fans appreciate its significance as a tribute to Babe Ruth’s stellar career which revolutionised baseball forever

babe ruth funko pop

10. Rey Mysterio Funko Pop!

This collectable is a must-have for fans of this high-flying WWE superstar. It's meticulously crafted to reflect Mysterio's vibrant luchador mask and ring attire, showcasing his iconic '619' move pose.

The authenticity found in this Funko figure mirrors the real-life charisma that Mysterio brings to every match. The attention to detail in replicating his colourful mask, complete with its signature question mark design, highlights Funko's commitment to maintaining accuracy across their sports figures. From his athletic physique down to his tattooed arms, it's a remarkable representation of the famed wrestler.

As one of WWE’s most beloved superstars known for defying odds, Rey Mysterio’s appeal transcends generations of wrestling fans worldwide making this figure equally appealing. Whether you're an avid collector looking for unique additions or simply a fan enamoured by The Master of 619's prowess inside the ring - this Funko Pop serves as an excellent piece celebrating your passion for wrestling. If you are looking for the next Funko Pop to add to your collection then have a look at our wide variety of Funkos on our website at Zippigames.

rey mysterio funko pop