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Men at Work Board Game Review

Jul 09, 2024

men at work board game

Men at Work is a dexterity game produced by Pretzel Games, this 2-6 player construction themed game will have people who normally don't play board games jump at the occasion. For anyone new to the board game scene, a dexterity game is a board game that has moving pieces. But is this one any good? You will find out in our review.

Overview of Men at Work Board Game

The first thing you notice as you unbox the game is the high-quality components. The game includes a variety of bright-coloured wooden parts: girders in red, blue, yellow and black colours; brick blocks; beams; workers in hard hats; safety certificates and even a crane! Each piece is carefully crafted with attention to detail that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the game. There are also 17 wonderfully illustrated construction cards that guide your building process.

In terms of durability, I found that all pieces could withstand multiple gameplay sessions without any noticeable wear or damage. However, one minor drawback is that some smaller elements might require careful handling due to their size.

The gameplay in Men at Work centres around precision and strategy. Players take turns placing workers on the construction site (which evolves through each turn), balancing girders, laying bricks or positioning beams. A roll of the die determines what task you have to perform next - adding an element of unpredictability.

You earn points by completing tasks safely or by having your worker reach the highest point on the structure. But beware: if your worker causes an accident (like toppling over a girder), it may result in losing safety certificates or even getting fired!

What truly sets this game apart from others in its category is its unique balance between risk-taking and caution - challenging players' dexterity skills as much as their strategic thinking abilities.

How to Play Men at Wok

Setting up Men at Work is a breeze, even for beginners. You'll start by constructing the base structure using four girders (the colourful wooden pieces) and three bricks. These will form your initial construction site on which you'll build your skyscraper.

You then shuffle the deck of construction cards and place them along with the Boss Rita figure nearby. The rest of the components - workers, more girders, beams and safety certificates are set aside within reach of all players.

Each player then chooses a colour to represent their team of workers. Now you're ready to begin!

The gameplay in Men at Work centres around completing various tasks assigned by dice rolls as safely as possible while also trying to reach new heights. On each turn, you roll two dice - one indicating the task (such as adding a worker or laying a girder), and another dictating any special conditions (like balancing a beam on top).

Your objective? To earn points! Points are awarded either for being the first player to complete your task without causing an accident or by having your worker reach the highest point on the construction site during your turn.

But be careful! If you cause an accident (like knocking over a worker or dropping a piece), you lose one of your precious safety certificates. Lose all three, and you're out of the game!

Experience and Strategy

In "Men at Work", strategy is key. For instance, when laying girders, consider their placement carefully. Your aim should be to create a balanced structure that allows further growth vertically but also horizontally for stability purposes. Remember, your construction needs to withstand the addition of more workers and bricks without toppling over.

Another tip I would offer is always keep an eye on your fellow players’ moves. If they are nearing completion of a precarious task, it might be worth taking a risk with yours if it means potentially earning those extra points for reaching the highest point first.

One of the strengths of "Men at Work" is its emphasis on player interaction. Unlike some board games where each person is locked into their own personal battle against the game mechanics, here there’s a sense that you're all working (and sometimes competing) on one shared project.

This fosters camaraderie as well as competition - after all everyone wants to avoid accidents! Yet simultaneously, each accident could clear up space for others to take advantage or even change the dynamics entirely!

men a work board game components

Pros and Cons of Men At Work

One of the most appealing aspects of "Men at Work" is its intuitive gameplay. It has simple rules that are easy to grasp, making it accessible even for beginners or non-gamers. Yet, beneath this simplicity lies an undercurrent of strategic depth that appeals to seasoned gamers.

Secondly, the quality of components is remarkable. The wooden pieces are sturdy and have a satisfying heft when held – a testament to their durability. Moreover, these pieces are artfully designed with attention to detail which adds aesthetic value to the overall gaming experience.

Furthermore, player interaction in this game creates an immersive atmosphere filled with camaraderie and competition. This dynamic interplay keeps players engaged throughout as they influence each other's decisions and outcomes.

Lastly, scoring points for completing tasks safely or reaching new heights introduces an element of risk vs reward that keeps players on their toes. With every move having consequences, there's never a dull moment in "Men at Work."

Despite its many positive attributes, there are areas where "Men at Work" could be improved upon.

Firstly, while strategy plays a significant part in winning the game - luck also plays a sizeable role due to dice rolls determining placement options. Some may find this frustrating if they prefer games where skill outweighs chance significantly.

Additionally, while player interaction generally enhances gameplay experience; it can also result in over competitiveness among some players leading to potential arguments or disagreements during playtime.

Lastly - although durable - wooden pieces may be susceptible to wear and tear over time especially if not stored properly after use which could impact longevity of the game components.

Final Thoughts on Men at Work

So, there you have it. "Men at Work" is a board game that's got the chops to keep you hooked for hours. Its quality wooden pieces and engaging gameplay set it apart from many of its peers. That being said, the role of luck may not sit well with some players while others might worry about wear and tear on the components over time. But hey, if you're up for a challenge that strikes an impressive blend between skill and chance, this could be your next favourite pastime! Remember to build smartly to stay ahead of your competitors!