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Review of 'The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game'

Apr 25, 2024

the really nasty horse racing game

The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game brings exactly that! It first came out in 1987 and it is still being played. This game offers an exciting blend of strategy and luck, keeping players on their toes. Despite its name, the game promotes friendly competition and bonding among family members. It's a timeless classic that never fails to entertain.

But does it live up to its title? Is it really that nasty? Stick around, and we'll dive into the nitty-gritty of The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game.

Overview of the Really Nasty Horse Racing Game

When playing this board game, I found myself being part of an unpredictable racecourse brimming with strategy and sheer luck. This exceptional board game, created by Rascals Productions Limited, simulates the roller-coaster ride of horse racing with excitement at all turns.

Yet, the name, "Nasty Horse Racing Board Game" isn't merely fancy branding. The 'nastiness' lies in the subtle art of strategy that underpins this otherwise simple racing game. As a player, you're not only investing in your horse but also concocting methods to make life harder for your opponents. That's where the real fun, or should I say the 'nastiness' starts.

Switching roles from passive spectator to competitive horse owner, the game allows 2-6 players, posing challenges for racing buffs and casual gamers alike. Primarily recommended for over 12s, it's quite an amusing game for those seeking player interaction and laughter over a straightforward win.

One does wonder, 'A board game about horse racing?'. It's an unlikelier candidate for a theme, and yet it's one that's been captivating audiences since 1987! Over the decades, the Nasty Horse Racing Board Game has been celebrated for its brilliant blend of fun and strategy. It's not about dice rolls alone. Though chance has its part to play, your horse winning the race ultimately depends on how well you manoeuvre between your cunning tactics and lady luck.

the really nasty horse racing game components

While some praise the game for humour and engagement, others highlight the balance between chance and skill as a unique selling point. Everyone's view, it appears, holds a thread of commonality: engaging, entertaining, and yes, somewhat really "nasty".

Recalling my first instance with this uniquely themed board game, I remember feeling a tad overwhelmed. However, as I delved deeper into the gameplay and began to explore the 'nasty' aspects, it transformed into a thrilling pursuit of strategy and laughter.


It all starts with a roll of dice - simple yet effective. Each player takes on the mantle of a horse owner - your goal is to ensure your horse wins. But it's not just about a round of dice. Oh, no. A single die decides your horse's movement around the track, adding an unpredictable element to the game.

Now here's where the game stands out. You don't just focus on winning (although that’s quite the thrill in itself). You can also mess with your opponents, thanks to the strategically designed 'Really Nasty' cards. I've found these cards to add an unexpected layer of humour and unpredictability. Imagine tripping a rival's horse or plotting a rigged drug test for a leading contender! The timing of using these 'Really nasty' cards can significantly alter the outcome of the game.

Being the seasoned player I am, there are numerous routes I’ve taken to reach victory. Sure, having your horse bag the first spot brings in quite a few points. But don't get complacent. There's also the betting feature. Picking the winning horse can seriously increase your points! Confessing from personal experience, this sometimes is a game-changer.

In this seemingly simple board game, it’s about managing your luck with artful strategy. From winning races, and wisely deploying your ‘Really Nasty’ cards to making calculated bets – the goal is to end up with the highest score after six races.

Final Thoughts on The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game

"The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game" distinguishes itself with a unique mixture of chance, tactics, and wit. However, the typical gameplay runs approximately 90 minutes which can occasionally go on for longer with the inevitable heated moments between players. I would say that it can sometimes feel like a drag because of that. Nevertheless, this game holds potential for enjoyment when played with suitable companions and might be a unique board game that you have ever played before.