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Mastering the Chaos: Review of 'Throw Throw Burrito' Game

Apr 26, 2024

throw throw burrito cover

Ever found yourself in a fast-paced, action-packed game that has you hurling soft burritos at your friends? Welcome to Throw Throw Burrito! This game is a wild mix of card games and dodgeball, where you've got to keep your wits about you while dodging flying burritos.

This is a fast burst fun game, where setting up will take around 10 minutes and it will be another 15 minutes to finish a game. The game is played between 2-6 players, although I recommend that there be at least 3 players to get more out of it. And the best part? It can be played anywhere, just make sure to move any breakable items out of the way!

The game's creativity and originality are a 10/10, with hilarious characters like Floaty Goaty and Goth Sloth. It's an innovative twist on the basic spoons game, with the addition of Burrito Duals and other action cards.

Game Overview

In the middle of the madcap burrito-throwing chaos and laughter-inducing fun, what's the end goal in Throw Throw Burrito? Your main task is to amass the most points, and the way to do that is through card sets. It's not a free-for-all burrito-pitched battle, mind you – though that is an unforgettable part of the experience! Keep in mind, while it's hilariously fun to chuck soft, squishy burritos at your friends, the dainty mechanism of earning card sets is where the juicy points lie. Albeit, be wary of the 'burrito bruisers'; they'll sneakily dock points if you get hit.

Moving on to the mechanics, the game of 'Throw Throw Burrito' comes with 120 cards, 6 cardboard burrito bruisers, 1 cardboard 'Fear Me' badge and all-important: two very throwable burritos. It's a bit like dodgeball and a card game rolled into one feisty package.

The gameplay activity is simple; actively work on accumulating points through skilful card collection while simultaneously ducking and dodging incoming burrito projectiles. The game consists of two rounds, and the victor of the first round is awarded the 'Fear Me' badge - a coveted trophy in this quirky card-slinging, burrito-flinging world.

One crucial point to remember, due to its physical aspect, be cautious not to play in confined spaces or near delicate objects. 

Components of the Game

As we dive deeper into the Throw Throw Burrito board game, I will give you the low down on the components that it comes with. These elements not only enhance the gameplay but also inject a fair bit of hilarity and scramble into the mix.

Let's begin with the Burrito cards. These are integral to the overall strategic gameplay of Throw Throw Burrito. Now, imagine this. You're sitting down, enjoying the game, and suddenly - bam! You've got three of a kind. It's a rush to play your Burrito Card, forcing your friends to engage in a burrito battle. Not only does it up the excitement, but these moments of chaos also make your path to victory quite entertaining, to say the least.

throw throw burrito components

Foam Burritos

Onto the foam burritos. It's quite the cathartic feeling when these soft, squishy projectiles become airborne, whizzing this way and that. If a Burrito Bruise card is played, and you're unfortunate enough to get hit, well, it's time to wear your bruise like a badge of honour. Their smaller size makes them easy to handle and throw, and far more manageable than the 3ft inflatable alternative used in the outdoor version. It's the perfect balance between hilarity and competitive spirit, integral to the Throw Throw Burrito gameplay, and makes it a standout among other board games and derivative card games.

How to Play

Whether you've had the chance to play the extreme outdoor edition or are entirely new to the game, then "Throw Throw Burrito" is equally entertaining. This indoor version of the game is particularly thrilling and given its dynamic nature, a spacious room, devoid of valuables and breakables becomes essentially the best playground.

To get started, you simply need to sit around a table, with the card game in the middle and ample space to allow the much-anticipated burrito battles. Then you deal cards to each player, this can be any number but I recommend 15 to each individual. The rest of the cards are split into two piles and are then left face down in the centre of the table.

Playing Throw Throw Burrito is simpler than it sounds, as each player needs to pick up and discard cards and they will win a point when the 3 of the same card. The game's objective is to accumulate as many points as possible within the round. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, here's the twist: you also have to dodge the squidgy foam burritos! These will appear once a player matches 3 brawls, duel or war cards, each of which will start a different type of burrito battle. Always thought you were good at dodgeball? Well, here's your chance to show off a unique skill set that involves dodging, ducking and throwing foam burritos. Imagine yourself engrossed in the cards, strategising for your win and then, bam! You're in the middle of a burrito brawl. How's that for an adrenaline rush?

throw throw burrito game

The loser in each of these battles will receive a burrito bruise which is worth minus 1 point. The round ends once the last burrito bruise is given out and the winner of that round is whoever has the most points. The game has a total of 2 rounds, if the same player wins both rounds then that player is the winner but if there are two separate winners in each round then they will have to face off in a duel.

To up the ante and add more twists to the game, "Throw Throw Burrito" provides rules for special situations and smaller rooms. Fancy a two-player game in a limited space? Not a problem. You can even combine two copies of the game, have more cards, more players and naturally, more foam burritos!

This game all boils down to how good your duck, dive, and throw skills are. Now who wouldn't want to engage in such a playful battle, throwing burritos and laughing their heart out?

Final Thoughts

If you're after a thrilling, laughter-filled experience, this game is a must-try. It's an excellent family game that will bring a whole lot of fun, there are also expansion packs to bring other objects into the game, such as block block burrito and throw throw avocado so if you enjoy playing this I would certainly recommend looking into the expansions packs.