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Scrawl: A Review of the Chaotic Doodling Party Game

Apr 30, 2024

scrawl board game

Ever played Chinese whispers with pen and pad? That's what Scrawl feels like. Produced by Big Potato Games, this game goes by that simple concept and it will take you back to those carefree days in your childhood. Don't worry if you are a bad drawer as that adds to the fun, where all the ridiculous guesses will come out.

Scrawl is available in two versions, there is the green box Family Party Game and the yellow box yellow Adult Game. The game is the same but there will be some differences in the subjects on the cards. 

Overview of Scrawl 

The main element that makes Scrawl so good is it's simplicity, there is no need to know how to draw and the rules are very easy to understand making it great to play with children or adults, in fact the only requirement is that the players are looking to have fun!

As I have previously mentioned, there are two different versions of Scrawl, the Family Game and the Adult Party Game, and the only difference between these are the card subjects that add varying shades of excitement to the proceedings.

scrawl board game components

Here's the essence of the challenge in Scrawl:

You get given a card with a phrase. Your job? Draw it. Pass on your 'masterpiece' onto the next player who must guess what it is you've drawn. Easy, right? Well, come back to me on that when you have to draw adopting a cactus! Let's say with some of the cards you could be in a bit of an adventure, navigating through these tricky sketches and guesses, but that's where the mirth lies. You end up laughing more at your own attempts, your own befuddled guesses - and that's the charm of the Scrawl board game.


The central charm of Scrawl, the board game from Big Potato Games, lies in its gameplay. Both versions are suited for between 4-8 players. A clear anchor in our numerous family gatherings and parties, it brings laughter and a chance to display your ridiculous doodles.

I was struck by how simple yet intriguing the game's concept is. It's a blend of doodling and guessing, that fuels laughter and connects players. You start with a random phrase, scribble what pops into your mind, then pass the slate to the next player to interpret your drawing. The cycle continues until your original doodle returns, and believe me, the big reveal of transformed phrases always sparks an uncontrollable giggle!

What's more, the distinct flavours of Family Party Game and Adult Party Game versions accommodate different player preferences. Each version is packed with differing card subjects, ensuring that the gameplay never goes stale. Be prepared for some hysterical interpretations, as the nature and creativity of drawings vary wildly amongst players. 

Tempted yet? Wait till you hear about the best part! As a person with questionable artistic skills, I quickly realised that Scrawl does not discriminate against non-artists. In fact, the unintentional absurdity in the drawings typically causes the loudest laughs.

Playing this game has evidently shown me why every Scrawl review posts I have read are always heaped with praises. It's quirky yet simple, absolute nonsense but in the best possible way. Undeniably it's an irreplaceable inclusion in any party or gathering.

Pros and Cons of Scrawl

As someone who has seen games come and go, I'll say that few have matched the charm of Scrawl, the party game by Big Potato Games. But like every rose has its thorns, Scrawl too has its share of pros and cons.

Dare I say it, Scrawl board game truly is a conversation starter. The simple gameplay invariably leads to laughter plus the game is so fast to set up, making it a worthy addition to any gathering. Being easy to grasp, it welcomes players of all kinds, regardless of artistic abilities. How fantastic is it that a game can be both inclusive and entertaining at the same time?

Moreover, the sheer diversity of card subjects in Scrawl keeps the gameplay as fresh as a field of daisies. From silly and outrageous to absolutely bizarre, the subjects range widely, making it unpredictable and therefore, exciting. Be it family time or an adults-only party, isn't it great that there is a version of Scrawl suitable for both occasions?

scrawl kids version board game

Alas, Scrawl, like all things good, isn't free of drawbacks, firstly, those of you preferring structured gameplay, might find it too abstract and chaotic, and may struggle to get a grip on the game. It might feel as if you’ve been teleported into a realm of randomness without a proper guide.

Secondly, the game demands imagination and creativity, even encouraging absurd drawings. Not everyone’s cup of tea, right? Some might find the idea of doodling stressful, transforming what is supposed to be entertainment into a challenge. And nobody wants a party game to turn into an art exam, do we?

Final Thoughts

Scrawl has been one of the games I have had the most fun in playing, I have enjoyed it equally as much with my family as I have when playing it with friends at parties. I think most people would enjoy playing this and I would even go on to say that it would be an excellent game for students as I could see it being some sort of drinking game coming out of it. If you have never played I definitely recommend for you to give it a go.