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What Next? Board Game Review

Apr 03, 2024

what next? board game

What Next is a board game that lets you choose your own destiny by letting you decide your own path of adventure, this storytelling game is very entertaining and has had me and my family playing this nonstop. It also features an expandable structure, suggesting further engaging stories. A notable element of the game is the 'Tower of Peril', which tests players' skills in placement and stability, often leading to downfall rather than completion. Despite potential frustrations, this blend of elements makes 'What Next' an intriguing adventure.

Overview of "What Next Adventure" Board Game

As we delve into the captivating world of What Next? we've got to appreciate the unique blend of storytelling and dexterity-based challenges it brings. This fascinating game boasts a collection of mini-games packaged into various scenarios for an unbeatable gaming experience.

Drums of Koala Cave, it seemed to me, is the easiest route you could take, hosting simpler mini-games and a relatively shorter storyline. Running in the middle of the difficulty spectrum, we find The Sky Scraper Caper, quite the medium challenge. The toughest of the trio, Blinky’s Great Escape.

In this box, there's all we need to play these three awesome stories. However, this game's potential extendibility keeps us wanting more. The possibility of new, thrilling narratives being continually added to the mix is too exciting to brush off.

Here's the genius part, the game's unique feature: incorporating a stability test to conventional gameplay via the "Tower of Peril". Most games will probably end due to the tower toppling over.

This marvellous game is an entirely novel approach to board gaming. One that's rich in storytelling, mini-games, and stability challenges. The real test comes when the "Tower of Peril" element is thrown into the plot. It's crucial to maintain your composure and ensure your moves are precise. One wrong move, and it’s game over!

Game Components

Excitement builds as I examine the components of the board game. The alluring diversity of items it houses astonishes me every time.

As I dive into the contents, I am greeted by a vibrant blend of elements. There's an eclectic collection of three boxes of cards that add a certain mystery to the game. Each box corresponds to a distinctive adventure, containing decks of different sizes for locations, items, and events.

Its unique storytelling aspect comes into play here. With each game, I discover new locations, thereby adding new layers of fun and excitement to the experience. The card boxes make it seem like the game is swaddled with an array of possibilities. And honestly, I've embarked on a gripping journey as I sift through the different-sized decks.

Next up is the time dial - a critical part of the game that keeps the narrative ever so refreshing. With the turn of the dial, you progress through the time of the day, the state of the New York power grid, and the battery life of your robot. The twist? It all entirely depends on which story you're traversing. Every rotation enhances the charm, ensuring that no two games feel identical.

what next? board game components

Following up, we take a look at different tokens. The blue and yellow plastic pieces, alongside the peculiarly formed purple foam blocks, engulf the game with a playful aesthetic. The way they rest in the paper and drawstring bags is a sight for sore eyes.

Aligning with the adventurous spirit of the game, a striking feature is the 'Tower of Peril'. This dexterity-focused element adds a dash of thrill to each turn. Building a tower with purple pieces can be quite a challenge at times. It's not just about the skill in hand but strategizing and learning how to balance these irregular shapes. The penalty? If a piece falls, it's game over for the group! It brings in an intriguing dynamic making one consider the consequences of their actions carefully.

It's entertaining! As I delve deeper, the Tower of Peril becomes paradoxically nerve-wracking and exhilarating. The more the game progresses, the more daring the choices become. You might be chasing a pesky Koala or trying to survive a skyscraper! There's a burst of joy when you overcome a daring decision, yet the risk of the tower tumbling amplifies the suspense! The teetering tower epitomises the enthralling ‘do or die’ spirit of this game.

Now comes the yellow cluster. These peculiarly shaped pieces are equally intricate. They all rest in one place, waiting for their chance to contribute to the story.

Gameplay Mechanics of What Next Board Game

Delving into the heart of the 'What Next' adventure game, you'll find an interplay of fascinating gameplay mechanics that breathe life into the narratives. These mechanics take the form of a well-structured turn sequence as well as a heady mix of actions and abilities that keep players on their toes.

At the core of the game's mechanics resides the turn structure. With every rotation of the time dial, the narrative evolves, opening up new challenges to the players and altering the game’s current state. Each story card carries a dual-faced design, showcasing a light and dark side. The state of the dial steers the decision to play either side. Interestingly, the dark side generally lays out a higher number of dangers and tougher decisions. The turn structure weaves an intricate balance between strategy and action, challenging you with over 60 distinct games within each game. The number of these on your plate varies each time, typically ranging between 5 and 15, largely dependent on the success of your 'Tower of Peril' setup.

A plethora of actions and abilities further enriches the game's vibrant strategy-scape. Often the failure of a task pushes you to add a piece to the notorious 'Tower of Peril'. This comprises the purple foam shapes stacked precariously, with each consecutive piece adding to the height after the first two.

The shapes are myriad, triggering an engaging strategic challenge in lining them up efficiently. A vital skill to master because a toppling piece could spell the end of the game. So while the tower stacks up the suspense, it serves as tricky for the clumsy few. Scaling a tree might potentially aid your story's progression, however, it also escalates the risk – a fall could be around the corner.

Final Thoughts on What Next

It is no secret that I am a fan of What Next? I find it to be an excellent board game for family and friends and I am always eager to bring it out as a party game. The different difficulty levels offer a fresh experience with each play. The game's expandability is a bonus, keeping the narrative exciting with new additions. The 'Tower of Peril' adds an element of suspense that elevates the game to a whole new level.

The dual-faced design of the story cards adds depth to the gameplay, offering varied challenges based on the time dial's state. With over 60 games within each game, it's a game that never gets old. For a game night full of fun and suspense, I'd recommend this to be your next adventure.